From the Director of Junior Clubs

From the Director of Junior Clubs

Hello GFWC IL Juniors!

Fall is now upon us and we are once again focused on our club projects and events! I trust you all had an enjoyable and restful summer! Hoping your energy has also turned to recruitment and retention of members for your clubs. Back to school is one of the best times to host a membership drive or meet and greet event; many clubs find this be a successful way to introduce potential members to your club and your mission.

This is also a PERFECT time to consider sponsoring a Juniorette club! Work with your local school district about partnering with them. Request a meeting with the school counselors and/or guidance department so that you may educate them on the history of our organization and how our work closely ties into service clubs they may offer through the school.

Please remember my challenge to all GFWC IL Junior clubs to raise $$$ for the Children’s Research Foundation! May 2016 will mark the 40th anniversary of our first donation to CRF and we’d like to make sure we have a sizable donation for Pat Broggi at Convention.

Also please mark your calendars for Advocates for Children week, October 18-24th, 2015. This is a dedicated week for your clubs to truly make a difference in the lives of children in your community. Ideas for projects can be found here: 2014-16 CSP Juniors Special Project

In closing, I’d like to remind you all to sign up for GFWC’s News & Notes e-newsletter if you have not already done so. It truly is a phenomenal way to stay in touch with GFWC International Headquarters! Sign up today!

Until then, I remain yours in Federation Friendship,


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